Daniella’s Guestbook exists to support and amplify the work of creators of color. We hope that the acknowledgment of these artists will help to foster relationships with industry leaders, major brands, and production companies and continue to strengthen the relationships within and beyond the creative BIPOC communities.

A note from Daniella,

“To spearhead a platform like Daniella’s Guestbook is both revolutionary and an honor. I get to start the conversation of intersectionality amongst people of color. People of color come with various adjectives and superlatives to describe ourselves. As a content creator, my goal is to create content that helps to further conversations about different sociocultural issues and addresses those adjectives and superlatives. I use this platform to curate works from all types of creators of color touching on all sociocultural issues. I want to show all the shades and nuisance that come from being a Black person in all mediums. From the beautiful short films to the rawness of spoken word, there is so much to learn, understand, and appreciate about the Black experience.”

We’re All In This Together
Daniella Carter
“I realized I had a powerful story and that I was either going to take this pain and trauma and turn it into freedom and success, or I was going to end up committing suicide.”
Everything Black
“I wanted to display the frustrations and tension that myself as a black man has with America. I wanted to let it be known we are fed up and wont stand for America's racist ways any longer.”
Mila Jam
“My content is a direct reflection of my personal experiences as an unapologetic woman and the world around me.”
Latino Card Revoked!
Josh and Leo
“Hopefully, our videos allow you to think back on those moments where you were at a house party and everyone was bugging out.”

We want our work to shed a light on the life of a Latino not only in NY but all over the world. We have had many experiences growing up in the Bronx and we know many Latinos have had similar experiences. Hopefully, our videos allow you to think back on those moments where you were at a house party and everyone was bugging out. Or your mom told you that you couldn’t have McDonald’s because there was food at home only to find out there was only a tub of country crock with beans leftover from the day before. AND WE THINK THAT’S BEAUTIFUL!

Danger Word
Luchina Fisher
“I tell straight-from-the-heart stories that have the potential to change hearts and minds -- and even save lives. My work shines a light on marginalized communities through stories of resilience.”
Walk For Me
Elegance Bratton
Let There Be Light | Depression and Faith
Victoria Chaubo
“I want to use my art to deal with important topics such as mental health in minorities, faith, racism, abuse, many fields that concern my generation. I consider myself as an activist.”
Nyala Moon
“I just want to normalize the lives of transgender people beyond coming out stories. I was inspired to tell this story because I feel that this point of view isn't really shown.”
Brittany Franklin
“As filmmakers, we have the ability to create powerful experiences. It is truly a gift. And imagine if we use that gift to employ creators of color, include people with disabilities and accurately represent diversity on screen!”

I believe media has the ability to shape the way we view culture. Whether I’m producing my own work or developing others, the goal is always the same, to create content that focuses on impact in front of and behind the lease, for minorities. As a Black, hard of hearing woman in film, I accept the responsibility to shift the narrative of media to one that is accessible, accepting and challenges the way an audience thinks, while giving them the tools to regulate themselves.


Love, New York
Dionna McMillian
"The goal of my work is to portray the pure, raw, and relatable humanity of women of color and other marginalized groups.“

My films indirectly explore black and biracial identities in America through a comedic lens. I use this approach as a mechanism to promote these groups which largely go underrepresented in mainstream media. My goal is to portray the pure, raw, and relatable humanity of women of color and other marginalized groups.